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Hello, I'm RyAction head of NeoDrop Studio. We are currently working to develop our skills to prepare us for work on our own series, so please bare with us. We have the basic idea, but we need a bit of practice to get started. After all you can think all you want, but that won't get you anything but a few headaches.

Find all NeoDrop related work here. :iconneodrop-studio:

I am also...

Co-Founder of :iconvegetable-juice:, the coolest new Vocaloid group in the world. If you got Vocaloid art, come show it off here!
I was talking with my grandpa, who will be turning 65 soon, and he was telling me how he misses his brothers who had passed and the times they enjoyed as kids.

The memories of his father who passed away at 62, and everyone else he's lost. It brought a question to my mind. Something we all know but never really ask ourselves.

If you knew then what you know now, would you have enjoyed life more, or less?

If you'd please read through to the end and look over some of the small questions I could think of, I'd appreciate it.

Growing up, we make a lot of mistakes, and gain a lot of regrets. We lose friends, we gain friends. We fall in love, we wish we never had.

We accomplish great victories, and failures.

We sometimes wish for a second chance, to try it all over again. Make the right choices, or at least what we think would be right.

We don’t know, it could be worse. And the sad choice you made could have been the only good one, which is even sadder.

We ask ourselves so many questions, but do we know our own answer?


Would you have chosen to spend a certain day with a friend, parent, sibling or lover?

Would you have chosen to hold your tongue, or speak up?

Would you have answered that one call, or let it ring?

Would you raised your fist to fight, or lower it and stand aside?

Would you have refused someones love, knowing it’d end in heartbreak?

Would you have gone after the one you loved, or let them go thinking it’d be better?

Would you have let them go because you wanted someone else?

Would you have tried to be someones friend again?

Would you hold out your hand for someone in need, or watch them suffer again?

Would you have stopped to tell someone how much they mean to you, or once again miss your chance to let them know how much they made your life better?

Would you have held someone just a bit longer, knowing how little time you had left with them?

Would you have given more, or taken more?

Would you cry more, or less when you lose someone?

Would you have planned better, or lived in the moment?

Would you risk a moment of the life you knew for the chance your new choice leads to something better?

Would you tell your friends and family you loved them more, or less often?

Would you indulge in bad habits, or strive to overcome them?

Would you take advantage of your knowledge for better, or worse?

Would you avoid the mistakes you made, even though they led to some of your happiest moments?

Would you sacrifice fun for hard work so you had a more successful life, or would you abandon work to have more fun?

Would you still be you?

If you knew then what you know now, would you have enjoyed life more, or less?

If you have a question, feel free to leave it in the comments. 

If you wish to answer a question, don't be afraid.
As it states in the title, a giveaway is being held by :iconcirorin:. Here's the, sure to try out for it. Animal OC's only, no humans. Contest ends Friday the 7th.
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